Center for the Study and Selection of Bioactive Molecules - NESBio


Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Analysis

Description: Varian 300 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, preparative HPLC chromatograph, electronic scale, Perkin-Elmer digital polarimeter, circulating cooling bath, refrigerator.


Laboratory of Chemical and Biological Analysis - LAQBio

Description: Microprocessed melting point apparatus, model analytical balance, spectrophotometer, preparative flash chromatography apparatus, sepacore buchi, refrigerator.


Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry

Description: Refrigerator, cell counter, centrifuge, pH meter, scales, tube shaker, sonicator, UV / Vis spectrophotometer, water bath, pipette washing system, laminar flow, etc.


Pharmacogenetics Laboratory

Description: UV / Vis spectrophotometer, balance, cell counter, pipette washing system, pH meter, refrigerator, tube shaker, sonicator, refrigerator, muffle, water bath, centrifuge, microscopes, laminar flow, pipette tube homogenizer, pears , tips, shelves, tubes.


Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology of Natural Products

Description: Tail-flick apparatus, labyrinth, aquarium (22x22x35 cm) containing 27 cm of water at a temperature of 25oC, refrigerator, scale, camcorders, metal plate on top of a 52oC water bath, open field apparatus, electroshock source, locomotion box for rats, cages, guillotine.


Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Description: Refrigerator, freezer -20oC, HPLC, drying oven, centrifuge, incubator, heating plate, pH meter, magnetic stirrer with refrigeration, precision scale, sonicator, spectrophotometers, laminar flow-Veco-vertical.


Laboratory of Therapeutic Innovation - LIT

Description: I3, I5 and I7 microcomputers, computer packages, printers, no breaks.


Laboratory of Molecular Modeling

Description: Microcomputers, computational packages of dynamics and molecular docking, printers, 20 computers connected in the form of a cluster, on the break, distillation equipment.


Neuroendocrinology Laboratory

Description: Refrigerator, 2 biplex refrigerators, refrigerator, freezer -20oC, HPLC, oven, centrifuge, incubator, mini incubator, incubator, heating plate, pH meter, magnetic stirrer with refrigeration, scales, tube stirrer, sonicator, spectrophotometer, stirrer tube, osmometer, monocular microscope, timer, CO2 oven, sterilization and drying oven, laminar flow-Veco-vertica.


Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurochemistry

Description: Refrigerator, microscopes, cell counter, centrifuge, water bath and scale, phgametro, scale, tube shaker, sonicator, elisa reader, autoclave, laminar flow, shelves, tubes, reagents, dyes, coombs serum, albumin bovine, neubauer chamber.


Laboratory of Essential Oils

Description: Finnigan Mat device INCOS XL GC-MS, distillers, Cleavenger extractor, refrigerator, scale, drying ovens, freeze dryer, HPLC, spectrophotometer, chemis heating blanket, gas fume hoods.


Laboratory of Drug Planning and Development - LPDF


Laboratory of Microbiological Processes

Description: Refrigerator, cell counter, centrifuge, pH meter, scale, tube shaker, sonicator, elisa device, autoclave, water bath, pipette washing system, microscopes, Veco-vertical laminar flow, Petri dishes, handles and platinum needles, swabs, etc.


Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Synthesis and Nanotechnology

Description: Distiller, magnetic stirrer brand fisaton, heating blanket brand marconi, analytical scale, air compressor brand Shutz, infrared spectrometer, air line dryer, air dehumidifier.


Laboratory of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Synthesis - LSQF

Description: Heating blanket, magnetic stirrer, distillation equipment, distiller, essential oil extraction equipment, refrigerator, chapels for organic synthesis.