Development of Neuropsychological Drugs

Leader: Anderson Manoel Herculano Oliveira da Silva


Clinical Studies and Innovation in Neglected Diseases

Leader: Marta Chagas Monteiro

Vice-leader:  Pedro Roosevelt Torres Romão


Pharmacology of Inflammation and Behavior

Leader: Cristiane do Socorro Ferraz Maia


Pharmacology and Toxicology of Natural Products

Leader: Vanessa Joia de Mello

Vice-leader: Moisés Hamoy


Study Group on Environmental Modeling and Monitoring of Water Resources in the Amazon

Leader: Daímio Chaves Brito

Vice-leader: Cleydson Breno Rodrigues dos Santos


Experimental Models for Testing Bioactive Molecules

Leader: José Luiz Martins do Nascimento


Nanobiotechnology, Nanosystems and Amazonian Nanoproducts

Leader: Marcos Anicete dos Santos

Vice-leader: Gilmara de Nazareth Tavares Bastos



Leader: Antônio Pereira Júnior

Vice-leader: Carlomagno Pacheco Bahia


Drug Planning and Development in Tropical Diseases, Oxidative Stress and HIV

Leader: Claudio Nahum Alves


Applied Computational Chemistry

Leader: Cleydson Breno Rodrigues dos Santos

Vice-leader: Lorane Izabel da Silva Hage Melim


Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutic Innovation

Leader: Rosivaldo dos Santos Borges  

Vice-leader: Agnaldo da Silva Carneiro


Computer Simulation in Environment

Leader: Claudio Nahum Alves


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation for Medicines and Cosmetics

Leader: Rosivaldo dos Santos Borges  

Vice-leader: Carlos Augusto Lima Barros